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The Journey

How long is the playtime?

JF 1 = 2:00 – 2:30 Hours
JF 2 = 2:30 – 3:00 Hours

Can I join just to see (accompanying) my friend or my kid to play but not do the zipline?

The right answer will be No, you can’t as everyone included our guide (staff) will need to do the zip line if they follow the program as they need to move from one platform to another by zipping from tree to another tree. So just seeing and walking to another platform without doing the zip line is not an option.

However, you can wait in our lobby without extra charge (if you come by your self to our place). The only we charge if you need to be picked-up too (even you not gonna play) for 500 baht/person just for the round trip transfer and you can wait in the lobby. And in our lobby, we also have a restaurant where you can order a meal.

What if rain happened on the time we should do the zipline activity?

We will keep zipping like usual in the rain. The rain will be a part of your journey. We offering plastic raincoat with an additional cost of 50 baht/coat.

Can I skip the zipline or abseil if I join the activity?

It’s not possible to skip any of the activity once you start the activity as if we need to continue to the next platform then we have to go via zip line to fly to another platform.

Playing Rules

What is Age limit to Play at Jungle Flight?

The age limit allowed is

  • JF 1 : between 8 Years old to 70 Years old.
  • JF 2 : between 15 Years old to 60 Years old.

*Good health only

What is the Maximum weight limit allowed?

The maximum weight limit allowed is 120 kg.

What kind of dress and shoes we should wear?

A light shirt, short pants, and sports shoes or sneaker.

However, whatever you wearing as long you comfortable with it then should be fine. Just remember if on every journey with us there is involving walk on jungle, going up to high trees (spiral staircase) and flying on the zipline so light shirt, short pants and sport shoes or sneaker will be the best for this activity.

Can we bring the camera and personal belongings?

Bringing the camera will be allowed, but in case of any damages of your camera and personal belonging will not be a part of our responsibility. We do provide a locker for putting your personal belonging will be provided before the starting of activity.

Zipline is one of the extreme sport, catching picture on the skywalk with a big camera will be acceptable, but using a small camera such as action camera will be more comfortable for both skywalk and zip line.

Can I wear sunglasses and use my GoPro camera while zipping?

Yes, you can. However, it will be a part of your own responsibility for taking care of it. We not responsible for damage or loss while you are doing the activity with us.

Do you have locker to store our belongings?

Yes we do have a locker for you with no additional cost

Purchase & Cancellation

Can I book for tomorrow? any slot available

For tomorrow booking are welcome at any number of person as if you book through our website then the booking will be instantly and priority approved by our system, no matter how many numbers of a person you would like to book.

Is that any price different between Child and Adult?

No, there is no price difference. Both Adult and Child will have the exact same price.

When is the latest time we should book for today Journey?

The latest time to book the journey is 4 hours before the playtime. As if you came by yourself then the latest time will be 1 hour before the play time. However, we strictly advise if you should arrive and checked-in on our lobby 30 minutes before the playtime.

Can I change the date or playtime?

Yes, you can change the date or pick-up time with informing our support via the contact form or email: [email protected] for at least 6 hours before the play time. We are reserve rights to refuse to do refund and changes on your purchase when your reason did not meet our regulation. If you inform us later than 6 hours before the play time then there will be charges of 300 baht/person on a pick-up zone and 500 baht/person if out of transfer zone area.

What is Jungle Flight Chiangmai Cancellation policy?

  1. Cancellation will be accepted when it initiated at least 24 hours before the play time.
  2. In case of unintentional cancellation such as accident, fever, the guest needs to providing a medical certificate or related document to get the refund of the purchase.
  3. If you purchasing the ticket Not from our website the cancellation policy may be different as it will be depending on the distributor/agent itself.

Can I book and pay cash on arrival at your place?

Yes, you can if you plan to come by your self. However, we strictly advise if you should arrive and checked-in on our lobby 30 minutes before the playtime.

Transfer, Contact & Location

When I should come if I plan to go by my self?

We strictly advise if you should arrive and checked-in on our lobby 30 minutes before the playtime.